Well I'm On Board - Up & Running Now

Well, I’m officially on board! :mrgreen:

Did my elicenser first, which worked right away.

I installed Cubase 7 earlier this week.

My licence is on the eL. and obviously registered here in My Steinberg, or else I would still be restricted to just some of the forums.

I have been watching the tutorials on Groove3, and have completed Cubase Tips & Tricks Vol. 1, and about 1/4 the way through Vol. 2

Although I must admit, temptation got the better of me, so I watched a few of the HALion 4 ones in between to get ‘a taste of the beast’. :sunglasses:

I’m coming from 2 other DAWs, but have decided to give this a whole-hearted go, since I like what I saw whilst doing my homework last month before purchasing.

Anyway, I’m happy to be here & all ready to go.

Hopefully my time & experience with the other DAWs will have me asking very few stupid questions, if any, since I’ve used up more than my quota for one lifetime already! :unamused: :laughing: :laughing:


Aloha j congrats and ask away.

That why we all hang out here.

Looking forward to one day you posting:

“I just posted some work in the ‘Made with Cubase’ forum”.

I will gladly give a listen.

Good Luck!

jam on!

Just a stab in the dark…you coming from Sonar and Studio One?

Thanks curteye!

Although that may be quite while in coming, that is certainly encouraging and something worth working towards.

Yes, coming from both actually.

I jumped into ‘Sonar’ at Studio 6 a number of years ago and ‘Studio One’ about 2-3 years ago.

In all fairness, I’m looking to give Cubase 7 every bit of the same chances, consideration and time spent as the other 2 to win me over.

So far I like what I see, which is actually quite impressive considering I had ZERO intentions of DAW shopping, :unamused: and yet within one week I had bit the bullet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome Buds,


I must admit, I was a bit dismayed upon first opening, and tooling around setting my preferences and getting familiar with the UI.

I have 2 monitors in front of me [as you may vaguely be able to see in my Avatar photo - behind the V-Drums]; to the right side of that workstation desk, there is a thin Presonus mixer; next to that my 88 key Digital Piano.

Then right next to that, there’s a 37" TV that doubles as a 3rd monitor, particularly useful when sitting at the piano.

At first, it seemed that I was restricted to just using 1 monitor, whereby I have been used to just un-docking the mixer and other windows and dragging & dropping them over to the other monitors.

But then I found that if I just drag the main UI window wide enough to span across 2 or 3 monitors, I can place the mixer and other windows anywhere within that work space.

But is there another way I can accomplish this, or is this the only way?

Some kind of un-docking option, perhaps?

you can do this in Cubase too you just right click at the top of the mixer or insert or editor and choose "always on top " and you can move them outside your workspace on to a different monitor