Well that sucks... Deleting plugins too easily from VST Manager

So I am working it the VST manager. I moved my mouse by my list on the right and accidentally clicked the mouse button while moving. It wasn’t much movement, but the folder I was over moved slightly (dragging) then went away. I had a lot of things particular to that category in there.

An “Are you sure” before deleting folders in the VST Manager would be much appreciated… Also an UNDO!!

I assume you are referring to the VST Plug-In Manager. If not please ignore.

You should double check that the folder was really deleted. In the Plug-In Manager it is super easy (i.e. much too easy) to drag a folder or plug-In into another folder. Quite likely you’ll find your missing folder inside a folder directly above or below where the missing folder was located.

Yea. I looked for that. Also did a test of the same thing with a dummy folder. Just slightly dragging a folder deletes it.

Very bad.

omg it’s not only me.

I cannot replicate that here. I created a test folder and tried moving it both just a tiny amount and also by larger amounts about 20 times and it always just moved it, never deleting.

There must be some additional condition needed to create the error. What kind of system are you using, maybe it only happens on Macs? (FYI, we encourage folks to include their system config in their signature to make it easier to sort out stuff like this :wink: )

Hi. I am on Windows 10, Cubase 10.0.3. I dragged the folder to the left, if that makes any difference.