Well, that's just fine!

For all of us who paid extra for NEK at each update, no rebate, just the FULL PRICE!

Great marketing Stein.

I agree, that does not seem right to me either.

I completely agree as well after having purchased Absolute 3 and NEK for Nuendo 7 instead of choosing another solution.
Thiss doesn’t honour the customerbase at all.

I hope this can fixed and will be changed so that there will be a discount updating from a a NEK-version.


AFAIK This update is as the same price as for Nuendo 7 + NEK Update from Nuendo 6.5 + NEK you paid two years ago, so you don’t have to pay more just because you have NEK.
Those without NEK will have to pay proportionally more than previous updates to get this one.


That is correct.
The only thing that has changed (by popular demand) is that users can not purchase the discounted version (N8 without NEK) anymore.


Not correct. The opposite is the case. The updates are either equally priced or cheaper!

Compare 3 previous version:
Nuendo 8 update from 7: 249
Nuendo 8 update from 6.5: 349
Nuendo 8 update from 6: 449

Nuendo 7 incl. NEK update from 6.5: 249
Nuendo 7 incl. NEK update from 6: 399
Nuendo 7 incl. NEK update from 5: 549

Okay, let’s just crop the marketing talk here, sorry.

The fact is that now everybody pays the full price for Nuendo+NEK updates.

This is hardly anything that can be advertised as a new feature. I have always been a NEK user, so this does not change anything for me. But I am highly allergic to using words that try to mask disadvantages as improvements.

Sorry, but this is not about marketing at all. It has been a long-time user request to re-integrated the NEK features, which we have now done. For an even lower price. I don’t understand the issue.

Changing the versions from modular to everybody buys the premium package is not about marketing? :laughing:
That is really funny.

It’s $250 for an upgrade. That’s a great price! Thank you Steinberg.

I have to agree with both Timo and Fredo though. Several of us users told Steinberg repeatedly to get rid of the NEK because we thought it simply didn’t make any sense. “Modular” sounds great, but it’s really hard to draw the line between the different types of functions that should be included in any given “module”. Is a sample pane at the bottom of your screen a music function or a sound design function? Does it go into the regular version or the NEK?

I think Steinberg did the right thing getting rid of the NEK. All it was was confusing. New potential customers were left scratching their heads about what they were getting for the $1700 they spent (or whatever it was minus NEK). No confusion any longer. Less overhead for Steinberg I would imagine.

As far as pricing goes it also seems totally in line with what we saw before. As far as I can recall the NEK was really only about being able to NOT spend more money, and my argument was always that if (hypothetically) the NEK was $100 out of the $250, then how many customers really care about saving that tiny bit of money? Because really, who are they? They’re the ones doing post-only and not music, and if you compare the two there’s more money in post than music, so really the group that could save money is the group that already is making more money and can afford an extra $100. It just didn’t make any sense.

So yes, “we” are all paying the same, but the “losers” are the ones that could have paid less, and that wouldn’t be us that already own N7+NEK.

There’s really nothing to be upset about here I think.

Hi Timo,

thanks for your clarification.
Taken this into consideration the price is okay then.
A little comunication about the NEK-topic/upgrade-policy would have been helpful though.


Well the modular approach will get reintroduced.
You will be able to add DNxHD (something that was icluded in the past) to a software that claims to be the new standard in audio for video work.
We will see how much more the update will cost if we buy this add on that no audio post software makes sense without.

This has nothing to do with the modular approach of NEK. It’s simply a licenced Avid technology that we need
to sell as an extra package for the amount of $30.

I hate to compare, but if you would compare the amount of software you would have to buy in addition to
be on paar with Nuendo on other platforms, you will end up somewhere completely different on the pricing side.

Thank you Matthias for this summary.

Update from nuendo 7 and from nuendo 7+nek to N8: same price?! What?!

Well after all, it is fine! Sorry for the little shit storm, I just realized that even if Nuendo 8 stayed “modular”, I would have to cough up the upgrade price + the NEK anyway. So all in all the price is right. But I do care about the money I spend even if it’s only 100$. Nice day to all.

It ignores the fact that NEK users have paid more for each previous upgrade, and now non-NEK users get the same price. But, I have been NEK all along, and have no issue with the upgrade price or any qualms about fairness… just an observation.

The update price does indeed seem reasonable. I too have always paid for the NEK tax. I’m glad that this tax is not there anymore. What would be an interesting statistic to see, is what percentage of the previous Nuendo users never spend the extra $100 to buy the NEK.

Thanks Timo for taking this NEK off.
Guys, the world isnt perfect and when making a change with policy, the old one will suffer.
In the greater picture, a big setback and absurd policy was solved.

A huge(!!) thank you to Steinberg for actually listening to the customer and market demand - the process of sound designing a post audio is frequently musical in lots of ways, now the ideal “flagship” is back.

Avid codec:
This codec is a property of AVID and was integrated in QT. QT is dead. Im sure if steinberg could have integrat it, they would have done so. If u must work with this codec, 30$ will not take food from nobodys mouth.

People with NEK.
I used to think about buying the NEK thing so many times and everytime it was absurd. I ratherd ask the company again and again every year to fix this policy. You used and benefited from the NEK for years, now u will do the same for the same amount of money - I cant see what is wrong.

The big picture is important. We cant complain all the time just because it isnt PERFECT.