Well, that's just fine!

Agree with drorh4. NEK was embarrassing. There you go, paying 3 times the price of Cubase for Nuendo, arguably the flagship product, only to find it has stuff missing. Now Nuendo is really THE flagship product. Everything is included. The price has not increased. This really is a great thing for customers. Kudos Steinberg to finally have made the step.

I’m also thinking of other benefits. Now, there’s one less product to maintain. All the extra testing to find bugs in Nuendo with NEK, without NEK, making sure the integration works with every update… Now this dev-time can go back into engineering. I’m sure lost sales can be made up (at least in a some part) by not having to maintain the NEK add-on. Everybody wins. I’m glad it’s gone and the team can fully concentrate on Nuendo.

Thanks Timo, Steinberg & Team.

That doesn’t make a difference. NEK simply was “unlocked” by the appropriate license in the e-licenser.
Most of Cubase and Nuendo share the same source code, so technically the NEK is just inherit from Cubase.
Not entirely correct, but you’ll get the picture.


I think getting rid of the NEK is a good thing, but anyone that did not have the NEK has got a much better upgrade deal than those of us that do have it. We will all now have the same product, but those of us that have been upgrading with the NEK each time (from Nuendo 1 in my case) will have paid well over £1000 more for Nuendo 8!

I think, as a one-off, it would be reasonable to give NEK owners a significant discount for this consolidating upgrade.

I’m pretty sure that I won’t be happier just because someone else pays more than me which makes them sadder.

Well, duh. But we’ve also had access to the NEK over all those years, right? I mean, couldn’t you make the same argument for someone buying it on sale in some store who never owned it? Add up my initial purchase plus all upgrades going back all the way to Nuendo version 1 (yes, I got version 1!)… why should someone get a new Nuendo 8 for less than I’ve surely paid over the years???

Look, we can spin this from both sides. Guess if they now will complain… Because now they’re “forced” to pay more for stuff they never wanted, and are “forced” to pay more for a single update than we ever did.

There are things that this release makes me concerned about, but pricing sure as heck ain’t one of them. It’s $250. If they had kept the NEK it would have been $250. They could have raised the price for those without the NEK and it’d have been $250. This is such a non-issue…

It’s 250+the price of DNxHD to be precise. You are right, though. The price is very competetive (as it has always been with Nuendo)
My problems with this release are that:

a. I can’t show a video at full HD with the same hardware that workes just fine with Nuendo 7
b. RX 6 integration does not work at all anymore.

Both of these issues are so serious that they effectively leave me with a software that has zero practical use for my workflow. For that even 2.5 Euro would be too much.

Thank you very much for this comment. Bringing back a “complete” Nuendo has been one of my desires for long time.