Well, THAT'S new!?

I was playing back a mix and noticed that the reverb sounded strange. Well not so much strange as weak. I had the send set for -6db. So, it should have been cranking a healthy amount of 'verb.

So I did the “Alt + double click” command to see what was going on. Instead of opening the plug, it took me to the plugin channel. “Well, THAT’S new,” I thought. Then I noticed that there was NO PLUG IN THE PLUGIN CHANNEL! :open_mouth:
Note, I’m still hearing reverb, however weak. But where did the plug go? When I checked the rest of the FX, I found that all of them suffered the same malady. Anybody seen this one before? Besides reloading and re-setting every single plug, is there any way to get the originals to just restore themselves??? :question:

I notice you have Quick Link enabled, maybe you forgot to turn it off and accidentally deleted the insert?

Could be. For some reason this entire project got corrupted and had to be rebuilt from an earlier iteration. So, it also could’ve wiped out the plugs then. I just went ahead and re-installed them. Everything is working fine now. Thanks.