Well, this is a new one. o_0

Encountered a most devilish bug today. That’s what I get for tackling this piece I guess :wink:
Any edit I make in the first flow causes the following things in the subsequent flows:

-System text is repeated on every staff
-Bar rests on condensed staves disappear
-Some stems and beams on beamed 8ths disappear, and not just on condensed staves. See the attached screenshots.

Any edit in the afflicted flow fixes the issue for that flow but it keeps cascading further back.
(Running Pro 3.0.10 on Mojave)

Mephistos Höllenrufe bug.dorico.zip (532 KB)

Hoi Hugo!
Yes, I can reproduce this. Even undoing (cmd-Z) an edit made in the first flow doesn’t clear up the issues. But switching to print mode and back (forcing Dorico to recalculate the layout) makes the problem disappear. After saving the file (with the errors showing), and reopening it there’s also nothing wrong anymore. I guess it’s just a display glitch, but it’s pretty weird.

I wonder if more bugs will come to Dorico’s surface if we started to write more devilish music :wink:

Thanks for reporting this bug, Hugo. We’ll take care of it as soon as we can.