Well this is new...

This thing popped up upon saving…
Any thoughts on what this is?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Well malloc is the old C way of allocating memory. Rare for it it fail on a PC unless passed a daft value

Okay… I understood some of those words…
So it’s a memory issue? I have 8GB of RAM, and it’s only using up 5.4GB.

Yes but it is more likely an invalid value being passed to the malloc rather than actually running out of memory i.e. an invalid request so it does not really help in determining what the problem is. If you have the log file I may be able to tell you more

Thanks Keith.

Fortunately, during the project that was the last time I saw that message. I had auto-save turned off… D:
Could you possibly tell me how to set up a log file reader?
I’ll post another follow-up log file when this message pops up again.

Appreciate your help! :slight_smile: