Well, this is new!

Working in Nuendo 11.2

I’m loading audio files to start a mix. The 1st 6 files go in without a hitch. When I get to the 7th file, it SAID it loaded but there was nothing in the project window. So, I checked the pool. It was there. Why didn’t it go directly into the project window like the first 6 files? No matter, I’ll do an “Insert at Cursor.”

Nope! the Mixer window blinked. But the project window was still empty. :flushed: I tried again. Same result. So, I decided to check the history log. It said that i had imported the file and pasted into the project window 3 times! Let’s start again.

I undid all the procedures. I went into the pool and removed the file. I picked a new track and imported it again. This time it went to the selected track in the Project Window with a “1” added to it. That shouldn’t be, since it was technically the first and only import of that file. I tried deleting the “1.” It said that the file, I had removed was already in the project. WTH?

Anybody else seen this kind of behavior before? Did my project get corrupted? What does this symptom mean? This one has me really puzzled. :thinking:

Never seen it. All the same file type and sample rate/bit depth?

Regarding the added “1” for the second import I would suspect that simply undoing won’t delete the file on disk, so if you imported it and it got copy/pasted to the project’s audio files folder I’d expect it to still be there and then I’d expect it to add the “1” to avoid conflict the second time around.

It seems to be associated with that “DEAD TRACKS” issue. It’s infuriating. I make a template of “clean working tracks.” Later, when I’m ready to use them, I import files only to have them not play on those very same tracks. I have to generate a new track and drop the file up or down to it to play normally.

I was working on the project again and had another import go to the pool, instead of the project window. I generated another track and had the file insert at cursor to that track and it worked fine.

From then on, I would either copy a working track or generate a new one to import the remaining files.

I can’t figure out how or why thi issue keeps happening and it’s totally random. I never know which track will go out.:rage:

Check tracks are not locked.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Locking a track, to me, means locking it to the left or right of the mixer. The tracks aren’t locked (in that way). So, I’m not sure what you mean.

You have a padlock icon in the track settings at arrange window. If it’s selected (locked) you can’t import any event in any way.

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that, since I don’t think I’ve ever locked a track. I used to freeze tracks back around N1 through N4. But that’s it.

So, the answer is no, the tracks are not locked. Thanks anyway.

I should probably also mention that I’m trying to rebuild a song that was LOST IN A CATASTROPHIC DRIVE CRASH. The drive went up and I had to send it to a Drive Recovery Center, where they restored as many files as they could save.

They sent me back a drive with 19,000 files WITH NO NAMES! :scream: I spent months listening to hundreds of clips per day trying to identify which clip went to which song. On top of that a lot of the files were corrupted. :disappointed_relieved: This is one of the few songs for which I was able to recover 95% of the tracks, a dozen or so which have static blasts randomly ripping through the wavefile. I have been performing surgery on these tracks by chopping out the square wave, filling the gap with another section of the song with the same material and cross fading them back to a complete performance.

I don’t know if this uniquely unfortunate status has any bearing on the odd behavior of the files or not. What I do know is that this project is a major PITA to try to rebuild. :triumph: