well well

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some time ago i posted somwhere an idea about having a transportbar in the mix window …
well its there …
at the time i had the feeling i was being ridiculed by a few mebers of that forum :astonished:
… but there it is proof is there for all to see …
steinberg do listen and they do read and take note of our posts and subject matter…

thank you steinberg .

im sure its co-incidence

I’m sure you are probably just being negative for being negative sake.

lighten up…it was meant as humour…and pretty funny too imo lol

I’ve read all @Blackouts’ posts, and they have one thing in common; they are inherently negative.

Irony is one of the things that get us through life :wink:

I also thought the OP’s and Blackout’s post were/is humorous :laughing:

I think you’re mistaken.

There was a member once who went by the moniker of “Bredo” that people thought was cool too, and SB canned him.

Let this be a warning to all who propogate and promulgate negativity, your days will be numbered.

… because silencing dissent always works!

It’s not about that, it’s about campaigning, the golden rule of participation.

Do it at your peril.

Is that a threat?

To who, you?

Of course not as long as you play by the rules you have no problem.

What has that do do with this? What has that to do with me? :confused:

Nothing directly.

It is so that moving forward all users can be treated equally and given appropriate means to make their case for feature requests, in a courteous and respectful manner.

Whose rules? Is English your first language?

Steinbergs’ rules of course and yes English is my native language. :slight_smile:

If you start a thread purely to say ‘look I was right, Steinberg are using my idea’ you have to expect some ridicule…

Some nice socks you got there though Tony H. :smiley: