Went to use my USB CD writer today but WL will not write to it

So I tried two different drives and WL would not write to them either. I rebooted my computer and still nothing. I kept trying to write to one of the drives but nothing. My client was understanding but somewhat upset. I am running Windows 10 on a gaming computer. All the latest updates. Any thoughts? I assume we are no longer using GEAR software??? I finally got it to write but I don’t know what I did to make it so. Thanks in advance!!!

GEAR software is still used.

What kind of errors did you get earlier?

I have three CD/DVD drives hooked up or in my PC. They show up on “My PC” but WL did not seem to be able to find them. I remember a long time ago I had a similar problem and it had something to do with changing something in the registry having to do with high and low settings. I rebooted my computer and finally one of the drives showed up and I was able to burn the CD. Thanks, as always, for your prompt and helpful reply. Much appreciated.

No suggestions??? WOW that is unusual.

This is not necessary anymore, because since WaveLab 11.2, the GEAR module does not use a driver anymore and “talks” directly with Windows. Hence rebooting the system, as you apparently did successfully, is the best thing to try.

Thanks for the information. Appreciate it. So far no additional problems.