Were does cubase buffer samples?still got problems

cubase was working fine up until newest update (i posted issues in other forum page)
my problem im having now is i can only have 1 sample playing at one time…if i try play two samples then the disc cashe load metter goes into the red and i get drop outs…if i have 1 sample playing no issues if i have a ton of vsts playing no problem .
so im wondering could the problem be were cubase if buffering the samples…is there a option to define were samples get buffered?or is there any setting that can help?
i got told to turn of asio guard but that has no effect .


Could you link it, please? What “player” do you use?

How do you play the sample?

hi martin im not using any player (no kontakt/halion…etc) its simply either recording one via the inputs on my interface or dragging one from media bay/loopcloud its all the same…
i can have one sample playing and one time if i have more than one sample playing then the disc cashe meter goes into meltdown and i start getting glitches in my audio tracks…vsts are fine.


What Audio Device do you use? Could you test your system by LatencyMon?

hi martin this was another issue connected too the previous request for help…
Massive problems with latest cubase 11 update - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

im sure it is a bug in 11.41 because the issues only became a problem with that update…
ive uninstalled 11.41 and gone back too 11.20 and it seems too be working fine now.
ive just loaded up my previous song which could only play one sample at a time and i can now add loads of audio tracks with no issues (touch wood)
ive made a quick arrangement and did a 5 minute track and got 30 tracks/7 fx channels/15 inserts and ssl bus compressor 2 on my master channel and its all ok.

my audio interface is a uad apollo twin usb…and im on win 10

i think ill stick with 11.20 until i buy 12 when it comes out.