Were is Swap Stereo Channel in Montage?

If you just open the standard Wavelab, the Swap Stereo channel is on the Center tab right there. However if you go to Montage, I cannot find that feature or in the manual. Can anyone tell me how to do this in Montage?


You use a plugin called Stereo Tools, provided by Steinberg:


Thank you for this information. Don’t you think it would be helpful to add this option in the Center tab section in Montage as well?

Not everything can go everywhere! WaveLab already has some of the largest right-click menus of any program I know.

In any case I just realised there’s a much easier way in many situations - simply change the routing of the track:


Nice trick, I did not think about it :wink:


regards S-EH

Yes, this can work if that’s the only clip on the track, but that would of course affect any other clips on the montage track.

I think the Stereo Tools plugin on a clip in the montage is the safest idea and I think many people forget that the Audio Editor is essentially a destructive environment and the montage is very much non-destructive so therefore things like channel swap, and reversing audio (to play it backwards) are only in the audio editor.

Of course - and I did qualify it!