Were SMuFL characters reduced?

Hi all–
I have need of using the thinner brace that used to be available on the SMuFL website. Not it seems that it, along with many other symbols, are no longer on the website. The problem is, I can use a regular brace and compress it with the text editor, but these edits are completely ignored when it is rendered by another PDF program such as acrobat, resulting in a brace that is wayyyyy too fat.

Am I crazy? Or are there now missing symbols that were once there? I can’t find the thin (or more the more squared) braces to save my life.

No, none of the symbols have been removed, but some of the optional ones (like the thinner braces) have changed code points, though in fact I think those braces are at the same code points – U+F400, U+F401, U+F402, and U+F403.

As always, thank you for your reply.

Next Question: I have searched for those codes on the website, no dice. I tried typing them into my text box and changing it to “music text” and nothing. I’ve always copied the glyph symbols from the website before, but since I can’t find them, even with the codes you list, I’m at a loss.

Those stylistic alternate braces are here: http://w3c.github.io/smufl/gitbook/tables/staff-brackets-and-dividers.html#recommended-stylistic-alternates

If you copy-and-paste them, they should have the Unicode values Daniel mentioned. Dorico swaps them in automatically for the brace based on the size needed.

Thank you! This is a step in the right direction. This is not the same directory on the SMuFL website’s “browse” area. The only problem is that the reversed versions seem to be missing for the alternatives now. Sadly I need the reversed version of one of the alternate braces and text boxes don’t allow you to rotate them yet.