We're Together

I love dance music. Here’s a track I made. My hardware is Presonus Firestudio Mobile and a Casio Keyboard with USB midi although in this song, almost all notes were drawn into the midi editor. I am using Cubase 7 and mostly Halion Sonic se sounds although there is one prolog and one spector sound in there too:


good pop tune.


reminds me of a band called E Rotic…maybe you’ve heard of them… :slight_smile:


Of course! Erotic, Masterboy, Fun Factory. All the good stuff! :mrgreen:

Sounds pro to me! Is that a vocoder effect on the vox?

Actually, no. It’s the way the harmonies came out after putting them through Vari Audio. I mixed them to just the right level. That actually is what I spent the most time on in this song. If you’re talking about the male vox, I used Vari Audio for consistency then I used a tiny bit of distortion and either a bit of ring modulator or bit crusher. Maybe both. Thanks for the pro compliment btw :slight_smile:

Good track. Personally didn’t like the break at the 3:00 ish mark, but enjoyed the track overall.