Were you able to retrieve your forum name?

How many folks were able to retrieve their log on name?

  • Not a problem
  • I knew my forum name but could not retrieve it.
  • I forgot my forum name

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Even though I knew what my forum nickname was this new system refused to recognize it, forcing me to create a new user. The new system also wouldn’t let me use the email address that I was using with my old forum name, claiming that it was already in use. How did the rest of you manage?

This worked well for me…

Same, I could just login using my old name and a newly requested password. (which was different from my account name btw).

No probs here.
A lil ‘convoluted’ perhaps but it all worked.

No problem here. I just requested a new password.

the system kept telling me I didn’t exist…then after a day, I suddenly existed…which is nice to know…Kevin

Worked for me.

nope it wouldn’t recognise mine so I just made 600 posts in two days to make up for it :wink:

Were you in “Shadow” form during that “non-existent” time?

I post, therefore I am!

Yes! :slight_smile:

Went through without a hitch, just had to get the temp password.

If I forgot my username then I would be in trouble !

Problem I had was my old email address that was long gone was the only one this site would accept, even though my “newer” one was the one registered with MySteinberg :unamused:

I wrongly assumed that my old one had been changed for the Forums too.

Took a few days with help from another user to email Ed to get it sorted out because I couldn’t even do that without being logged in :unamused:

Yeah, Your old password is “1,2,3,4”, right? :wink: