Wet & Dry Inserts: Must surely be a better way of doing it?l

Apologies if this has been raked over previously.

I have returned back to using Cubase after using Reaper for a number of years… mainy because I like the MIDI & Rewire stuff on Cubase.

But one thing I am finding perplexing is that I cannot see any way of mixing the wet/dry signal for audio inserts in Cubase like you can using the knob that is standard for each insert on Reaper.

In fact, the ony way I can see that you can mix the wet/dry signal on a plug in (apart from plug ins that have that functionality within the user interface), is to either use an FX Channel (annoyingly convoluted process, not very precise and limited by the number of aux send/returns) or make a parallel copy of the track and balance things up within a group track (annoyingly fiddly and exceessive amount of work just to achieve a ratio without clipping).

Am I missing something here? Or am I just going to have to stick with Reaper when it comes to mixing tracks?


Using Sends and Groups is actually pretty simple in Cubase. On the Mixer, just highlight the channel and right click it, and the option to add FX/Group channel to “trackname” will show up. The option also shows up when you right click any Send slot (empty or used) anywhere in the DAW. About as simple as using an insert.

I know how to use inserts.

This wasn’t my issue.

Sorry, I meant sends.

Again, knowing how to use sends wasn’t my issue.

Doesn’t have the functionality.

Tbh though, if it’s the type of effect that would benefit from a wet/dry control like you said it’s generally in the interface. otherwise use a send.

I wouldn’t say it’s perplexing… just put a request for it to Steinberg.

On the insert slot you can click and hold the left button and move the mouse up/down to in/decrease the wet/dry signal.


After reading the question back I see I probably misunderstood? I thought Mustermann was talking about effects sends and not about insert slots.

Found this. It’s an old gripe:


A lot of the supplied plug-ins for delay, distortion, modulation and reverb have mix parameters. But not all the plug-ins have this parameter.

+1 for this feature for sure. I’m always wishing for it, particularly for parallel compression.


+1 just use the transparency on the insert slot for dry/wet ratio, it’s beautiful and functional.

+1 Agree you…

Doesn’t have the functionality.

I wouldn’t say it’s perplexing… just put a request for it to Steinberg.

If you need additional help, please feel free to ask me :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Someone of Steinberg can explane us why, in 2021, Cubase 11 Pro (581,99 €) still hasn’t a really simply knob MIX WET/DRY function in “ALL” the plugins while a cheaper software like Reaper (60 $) has since very very long time?

This is incredible…


+1 for this. I have been waiting for this feature for years