Wet & Dry Mix knob on every inserts for parallel processing

A nice wee knob on every insert to mix wet/dry signal irrespective of whether plugin has this function (as many don’t) woud make life sooo much easier. See Reaper for a good example of this.

Are you sure you would want this?

It could be annoying, it might add clutter and be difficult to analyze your mix that way - searching out these tiny knobs to overview their settings or find a problem. It’s also not a feature of any analog console that I have seen.

It would also be confusing because alot of plugins offer wet/dry mix so you’d constantly be checking or having to tweak between the two. A lot of presets in these plugins are preset at 50/50 or other variables.

Much prefer just creating a group channel or fx channel and being able to see it, can even duplicate the track with the events on it and make one dry and one wet and mix between the two.

Of course I am sure. I have been using the system for the last year or two in Reaper with absolutely no problems.

Sure, that’s Reaper though. FL Studio has the same thing. How many people use Reaper with a hardware fader controller though where they have physical faders?

I guess there could be benefits if you wanted to tweak the wet/dry mix of all 8 insert slots without having to create 8 channels, but still, I would prefer my workflow across 8 channels and being able to see VUs and access to quick fader adjustments. And really, if I was doing sounddesign at that level of complexity, I would probably want things splayed across 8 channels anyways, with each of 8 effects on their own channel, leaving 7 slots pre/post effect for things like EQ or compression to tweak each effect.

To each their own, I know it’s something I’d likely never use and therefor would just add clutter in a place I am always looking at.

I am not against it, if it is made clever with the ability to blend it out.
What I really could use even more would be an In and Out meter and a In and Out level control, for every insert.
Could be made with a little arrow that expanded these settings.
Now we could do real gain staging for those analog modeled plugins that may have a limited headroom.
Adding a wet/dry blend would be icing on the cake.

This would be good, maybe you could activate it or deactivate it in preferences somewhere if ppl think its in the way they can just turn it off

" In and Out level control… Could be made with a little arrow that expanded these settings."
yes please

Also sidechain for VST2 pleaassse… every one wants this. Would be so helpful