wet/dry slider on the Morphfilter

A wet/dry slider on the Morphfilter

  • Yes, that makes a lot of sense
  • No, doesn’t make any sence
  • What is a wet/dry slider?

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Just fiddled around with the new stuff in Cubase.
So far I like Retrologue and the morphfilter but…

This Morphfilter, It would be so convenient if it had a wet/dry slider
Then I can put it on a group and when I want to use it, automate that slider to introduce the filters.

Now the only way to just sweep a portion in time is to automate the disable/enable switch with no way to gradually introduce the effect.

You could put it on an FX track and automate the send level. But yeah, mix level would be a nice addition.

Hm, and while I increase the send signal at the same time automate the level of the sourcetrack down?
A lot of work…I want it full wet offcourse.
I use a lot of filterbank, that has a wet/dry knob, works great, but it doesn’t have the morphing thing.

I just hope this poll get’s like a 1000+ happy yes voters :slight_smile:


Definitely needed !

Okay, who entered the "what is a wet/dry slider?? :smiley:

It wasn’t me :mrgreen:

Hm, you were the first I thought of. :smiley: