"We've Only Just Begun"

We’ve Only Just Begun

Vocals - Helen Lares (my ex)/Wolfgang Menzel


Nicely done, your ex has a great voice…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

yes,your ecks does sound like Karen Carpenter , good job with the harmonies .great song.

Good job. But your ex’s vocal is too “essy” to my ears.


Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Really nice lead vocals and an ok mix. Backing vocals seem loud to me sometimes. Not fond of the string sound choice or the drum programming. Karen Carpenter had such a swing to her playing and its absence is obvious in this version.

It’s competent, but in my opinion way too close to the original. I like this mix (unlike cmaffia) because everything is set back a bit in space, giving it all more cohesion. My one huge mix complaint is the drums – they back in space a bit too far

Thanks for the listens and comments gentlemen! I kinda agree with some of your thoughts… but only some :wink:


Vocals great, the drums very stiff.