Whaaat ??? - I'll stick with 9 for now .... wonder why?

Just read this in the issues PDF with the Cubase Pro 9.5.10 update release … again a pot and kettle story:

9.5.10 Issues & solutions.

Saving a project takes an unexpected long time when using VST instruments with sample based content libraries, e.g. with Native Instruments Kontakt.
In general save times will increase the more instances of instruments and sample-based content is involved. However, save times can increase unexpectedly the more instances
of NI Kontakt are actively in use and depends on the scope and size of content libraries you use there within a project. Please contact the plug-in manufacturer for a solution.
To decrease project save time, consider rendering tracks and removing instances of the instruments afterward.

Very annoying, and Steinberg blames the third party to boot. Nice, very nice ! Is this a way to pester loyal Cubase users who bought other VST brands using (third party) samples? I’ve invested quite a bit in little and probably seldom used, f.i. ethnic instrument plugins, for Kontakt, Steinberg never bothered with in the first place and probably never will. I will seriously start looking at different sequencers now … -F

This is neither new nor exclusive to Cubase, they’re giving you a heads up. Stop overreacting.