What 64-bit Vst/Vsti's do you use?

64-bit The Grand 3
64-bit MOTU Electric Keys
both working hunky-dory ( which means " very well " ) here .

spectrasonics ! greatest plugins
& native instruments

Toontrack EZdrummer and Superior2 x64 work fine here as do Voxengo plugs, AAS Tassman and Ultra Analog, Cytomic ‘The Glue’ and Nebula 3 Server Bundle. Also DDMF IIEQPro and LP10 EQs, plus Nomad Factory products also work ok.

I also use jBridge with my 36bit plugins which in the main work very well but tends to be a bit of a ‘hit and miss’ affair.
For instance, my WizooVerb and Korg plugins can’t save or read .vstpreset format but will load any customised patches within any saved project, I persevere with these problems because of the high quality of the plugs.


Hi, Bredo,

I like the DDMF Eq’s very much, I think they are excellent value for the money and quite CPU friendly as well.

‘The Glue’ is great IMHO, bit of a resource hog (not really a problem with quad core machines though), but the ‘over sampling’ feature can be customised so it only performs at full quality when rendering. It also has one of the best sets of presets I’ve seen, to get you started.
I would highly recommend this one :smiley: !

Cheers from Oz,


More love here for the DDMF EQs & The Glue! Spectrasonics Trillian, Native Instruments synths plus Battery & Kontakt too and also the fabulous Sylenth1.

Company-wise PSP Audioware also deserve a mention, very impressed with their recent releases OldTimer & especially NobleQ - really worth a demo just to hear what the high-shelf can do, you can really boost the highs without boosting the harshness with the valve mode engaged. I also really like Slate Digitals FGX & VCC too.

32bit plug-ins I couldn’t live without - At the moment it’s Softubes Mixing Pack. The Focusing EQ in Passive mode is amazing on bass & the FET compressor is my go-to for drums now, especially as you can effectively parralel-compress using the dry/wet knob. Synth-wise it’s NIs Pro-53, still can’t believe they made it legacy ware.

Although, between BitBridge & JBridge everything seems to be running ok for me in 64bit now - Slate Digitals VCC was the last plug-in holding me back, but that’s working fine in 64bit now. Also, I’ve only just realised DCAM is 32bit running under BitBridge, I was just about to post it here as 64bit!

hi can you please tell me if cubase 6 64bit support EZDrummer? because i can’t find it in my VSTi plug-ins list in cubase
but when i open AI5 it’s there can you please help tnx

EZdrummer works fine in Cubase 6 x64 but you should have version 1.3.0 x64 installed (both 32 and 64 bit installers are provided in the update folder).



Don’t seem to visit these forums much since they changed last year, now as Im here :

Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Trillian/BobMoogExpansion etc
NI Komplete - mostly Battery/Kontakt. Got to recommend SoulViaSounds expansions http://www.soulviasound.com/
Maschine although that admittedly includes midi hardware =-> allowed!?
uhe Zebra2 now fully fledged x64 :slight_smile: Love to loathe this synth…serious sounds.
Loads more on the list :

Virus TI (Again hardware vst hybrid)

Loads of bridged plugins but keeping this x64 native specific. (Waves, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, Softube)

Just to add.
TheGlue is a no brainer in my book, what it does it does well for me. It’s always first in my projects on the drum/beats bus and master bus.
Eq wise I highly recommend Fabfilters ProQ and PSP’s NobleEq. Not sure about DDMF it’s the latest I see be banded around forums of recent months.
One other to consider for EQ imho is Nebulas Mammoth…i love what this does, it is convolution style eq but it works wonders.


Aloha B,
Still waiting for the new SampleTank 3.


try copying the .dll files from the vstplugins folder in the program files x86 file and pasting them in program files/commonfiles/stienberg/vst2 folder. this worked for me.

Softube have jsut gone x64 with VST3 and they have a promotional sale on (upto 50% off).

Grabbed Dynamic Valley people Comp and their Tsar1 Reverb…fantastic and highly recommended :sunglasses:

Sonalksis have jsut gone x64 (better late than never) again great plugins if you can afford them.

Did someone mention Reason – yay 64bit with 64bit rewire support…back to reason/cubase/maschine integration once I get my head wrapped around the config.


I can now add to my list Softubes’ Channel Strip, Mix Pack & Trident EQ! :smiley:

Antares Autotunes & Harmoni Evo
TC Poco suite + VSS3 and CL1B
Softtube CL1B native
iZotope Ozone 4 & RX
Sonnox EQ, Dynamics & reverb
SPL Transient designer
Korg Legacy Digital
Native Instruments Komplete 6
MusicLab RealStrat
Ohm Force MiniMonsta
XLN Audio Addictive Drums

Only things I got that don’t work with Cubase x64 is Waves stuff (SSL,CLA,JJP). I guess they will do it by the time PT11 comes out as 64 bit host.

What version of Cubase are you using. I have a considerable amount of Waves plugins (Renaiassance, Drums & Bass, One Knob Series to name a few). Every single one of these run using steinbergs native bridge in Cubase 6 x64. I have also hade success with jBridge.

As a tip. Totally unsintall your waves. When installing waves direct the installer for the programs and the plugins + anything else, to the vst folder.

I promise you this works.

I am on Cubase 6.04 x64 on Win7x64Ultimate.

All the UAD plugins are still x32. The UAD plugs bridge ok, but some functions don’t work properly like scroll wheel on knobs. I’ve also had issues where projects won’t shut down if I have UAD plugs running.

UA has made multiple statements that x64 is in the works though. So, that shouldn’t be a problem for much longer.

The VSTi that I really like that doesn’t work in x64 hosts is M-Tron Pro. Other than that, there are plenty of high quality alternatives for almost any VSTi that do work in x64 land.

Thank you for the tip. I tried your suggestion, but I will get an error.

I got Cubase 5 on Win 7 x64 Professional. It only works in Cubase 6 or it’s good with Cubase 5, too? I used Waves version 8(demo-haven’t renew my wup to upgrade to v8 yet-was waiting until it’s compatible with Cubase x64).

Install everything to the VST folder means the Waves program, too(the entry that is installed into /program files(x86)/?

I get an error saying that the host is not compatible with Waves’ shell when launching Cubase x64. Tried both V8demo and V7 I own. The same error.

If it works with Cubase 6, I will upgrade both Cubase and Waves. I only use JJP Analog,CLA compressor and SSL4000.