What a great compressor plug-in!

Ive finally done some serious mixing with the RND compressor thingie, and wow, what a great plug-in! Works on almost everything. Used it on drum group, vocal group, various synths and all kinds of things. In several places it has replaced an old favourite of mine, Waves LA-2A. Cant imagine I will do much drum mixing in the future without it. And with the 50% off it`s a no brainer. Thumbs up Steiny! :slight_smile:

I’m trialing both right now and everything I use them on adds depth and clarity. I know those kind of terms are overused, but in this case they are so true.

My trial goes through Aug. 20, but I have a feeling I’ll be buying a permanent license for the pair before then.

Great job on these, Steinberg (Yamaha, and whoever else was involved).

I am looking for a great mastering compressor.

Something smooth, not too colored unless pushed, not too intrusive over dynamics, but can push down 1-3dB fairly transparent.

Does anyone with a few years behind this feel it fits the bill. I know there are a few outstanding comps that are better on single sources or busses, but not quite for stereo mastering. I would rather not go through the demo process, I trust you guys !

I’m assuming we’re talking a software compressor?
What platform are you on, what host & what system (64 or 32-bit)?
What have you looked at already?

For example if you have a UAD-2 card there is the awesome “Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor”.
Pretty steep curve on it, but awesome. Uses a combination of Opto & FET type that can be used independently or together for a wide range of possibilities.
There is also the FairChild 670 - the link is for the (in my mind) superior UAD version again but it does have Native emulations from Waves & IK Multimedia

For Native, Slate Digital’s “Virtual Buss Compressors” are also very good, coming in all the usual forms for Mac & PC http://www.slatedigital.com/products/virtual-buss-compressors

definitely elysia alpha


That one is good too - the Master version though, not the Mix variant

Thanks guys!
64 bit Mac VST is my format.

I have UAD, my benchmark is the Neve 33609, never found anything better yet.
I think I want something a bit more modern sounding, maybe faster I guess? Also I need something I could use on just about anything without imparting colour.

  • So that kinda takes Fairchild out of the equation. I can always get that for $99.

  • I also thought about VSC2 from Brainworx.

  • Tried the SHMC, we did not get along, but it was fun to use. I will try another demo on different material.

With 2 votes and a “definitely” qualifier, I will look into the Alpha mastering version.
But I guess this is a no go on the Portico?

EDIT: Okay, yes the Alpha looks like what I have in mind! I just can’t find the cost of it on the site!