What a ? Just me or a Bug ??


Just exported a 1 hour/ 4 stereo stem mix. Using a template with a 1:00:00;00 start.
All fine, as I’ve been doing it for a while.
Now…I needed to have a short foreign language insert mix from the middle of the program
Did all the necessary mutes, group assigns and tried to apply my standard input-output range markers entered.
I use command “I” & “O” for that …like forever.
I did not work ! Same session, still open. Was forced to do it manually.

What gives ? Did I hit something by accident ? Even reapplying my key commands didn’t do it. They’re just gone.


I just realized all my key commands are gone !!
Any way to recover ??
The last saved one is 6 months old.

Not that I know of, unless you have an actual file stored somewhere that you can replace the corrupt one with.

Thanx Lydiot

It is now resolved…
Grabbed my last one from 6.5 and added a few new ones that I could remember
In hindsight I see where I goofed up by not saving the last additional entry.
Those late nights… :wink:

best !

Or did you toggle to the alternative Key Commands by mistake?
(Ctrl/command - F5)


Possible although quite unlikely. That would be a 2 finger job , that reduces the chance of an “accident” .

Thanx Fredo