What a mess!

I bought Cubase 10 LE in may 2019 (birthday present for myself. Program never worked since it was impossible to register or tolicense! Weeks later my laptop crashed under a hack. Tried to reinstall, but in vain. So i spent my scarce money on a program that i can’t use. My download access code starts with 11G1V-X1…
Funny how equivalent MAGIX software (Music & Audio Studio 7, 32 bit, (from +/-2000) & Samplitude) work perfectly and could flawless be installed at half the price. I still can’t get “Cubase Elements 10Retail” installed. Should i upgrade, and if yes, HOW???

You need to reactivate the eLicense but if you never registered it, it is probably a loss.
You might try support though. Maybe they can help.

Hi! I registered it, but then my laptop crashed and i lost everything. And untill now i was never able to download the program again. E-licenser is lost too. And anyway, after installation and licensing,the program seemed to bet worthless to me since it does not send ANY MIDI OUT ! ! One is forced to use the built-in synths and samplers which i don’t like at all. In fact, i want Cubase back…
And you know what: support doesn’t help!!! Once you paid, get lost. I don’t like that mentality.

You lost me. So you got the license back and installed but now it has no MIDI out? Which version did you have before? What exactly do you need help with?