What a shit show

Good god this is getting bloody ridiculous. Every time I try to use GA or open a project that has GA it doesn’t work, all the bloody kits are disabled. I have to go through the entire process of re-authenticating, re-launching download agent, and re-downloading a update to the agent, and then closing the project and DAW, and then re-authenticating into the site again, and re-authenticating into download agent and then re-opening everything. For christ’s sake… this is bloody ridiculous!!

Define shit show for me?

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On my end it just works.

On my end, a whole bunch of kits are red crossed out again. I recall fixing this a few times in the past. Now its back again. In the process of trying to fix it. It seems every time they release an update for the download agent installer or newer Cubase, it screws up GA kits.

An update on this is it seems what is happening in the GA SE midi stuff is all missing. I tried re-downloading all GA content, including the SE. I can see the folders in the paths on the Mac OS, but the GA program is not detecting them.

Very strange and it seems to be a similar issue I had in the past which I fixed and now has come back after a recent Download manager patch.


I agree mate. I’m finding it extremely difficult to use. I’m finding it not intuitive; way more difficult than it should be.
I also downloaded ‘Metal Essentials’ but it doesn’t bloody work.

There are the shill boys…

Groove Agent has a lot of problems. It’s based on the Halion 6 code base. Not the 7. I suspect the 7 was a partial engine re-write. Either that or Steinberg really has a super lax employee performance management structure.

Halion 7 has issue as well. I sure hope they get this crap figured out soon. Stop taking years and just fix the bugs so we can make music.

The newest Cubase is awful on the Mac M platform as well. Like it literally crashes multiple times a day. I won’t say the word “surround plugin” because it seems to trigger those people. :joy:

Just because someone hasn’t any problems, and says so, doesn’t make them a shill.
I had a bit of a hiatus from computing in general but since I bought a new PC in 2010 I’ve NEVER had a problem with GrooveAgents 1, 4 or 5. No crashes, no glitches, no nothing. They just worked, across 2 laptops and 2 workstations, from Windows 7 to 11.
Not saying other people don’t have problems, just that some of us don’t.
And that’s what makes it hard for developers’ to “fix” it.

Electri6ty by Vir2. I think it’s a pile of excrement, others’ think it’s the bees knees. I couldn’t even get the vibrato to stop. I RTFM’d, scoured the web, nothing I did would stop it. Even on chords. Waste of £250.

Look at you getting all triggered. I clearly wasn’t talking about you! I’m just saying that there are some people on this forum that do NOT want issues to be talked about. That’s moronic.

Stenberg is having some real problems. I’m speaking on the MAC side. It’s always been a second class experience and that’s why I left back at version 6. But I came back because of my development with Halion.

Somebody needs to be fired for this. There are too many issues. Too many bugs. Stuff that just does NOT WORK (the surround plugin) for over 3 YEARS NOW.

That’s not acceptable. We held up our end of the bargain, now it’s time for Steinberg to start doing some hard soul searching. This is ridiculous.

I don’t think anybody here means Steinberg harm. We just wanna use the software we purchased with minimum fuss and maximum FUN! :innocent:

Also, to just pop up and be like “well I don’t have any issues” on a thread where a person is CLEARLY having problems…is kinda a jerky-jerk move in my opinion. Nobody cares that you are doing good. Help the situation out or just be quiet-With Luuuuuve! :joy:

I finally managed to fix it. I will update my other post in the GA maintenance thread.

I still have’t changed my stance on GA. Its still really messy.

You should get yourself some manners, boy.


It was meant to be a joke. Along with the video series I’m doing. It called “Synth Wars”. There is a post from me about 4 months ago stating that the “Synth Wars have started” or something like that.

That is one of the lines from the series. Essentially one synthesizer talking to another.

“Sonic Mountain of Doom”. “Synthesizer black hole”. Etc. I’m pitting all the synthesizers against each other.

More specifically I’m going to put them all against the Worlds First Seventh Generation Synthesizer.

Hugs dude. No punches. Everbody relax. But the point stands. There are people on this forum who seem to get upset and triggered when other people have issues. That to me is nuts. The community needs to be challenging the developers ALL THE TIME or the platform dies. Not that Halion is thriving, but we need to help each other instead of acting like children.

I am done with the issue.


Are you seriously threatening me with violence? On an open forum?