What a version I want?

I have Cubase LE AI Elements 6 OEM Free From Hardware, but now it’s expire and I need full version of Cubase Elements 7 (or 6 ) . What a version in shop online i need it.

There is no such version as Cubase LE AI Elements…
You either have:
Cubase Elements
Cubase AI
Cubase LE
In any case, you can buy Cubase Elements 7 in the Steinberg Shop and get a discount based on the version you currently have.
You probably have Cubase LE or Cubase AI and were using a trial of Cubase Elements that expired. Your Cubase LE or Cubase AI should still work.

This is true but that’s how the license reads. I remember Elements 6 showing up like that.

Oh… I did not know that… That is interesting because the prices for the upgrades/updates vary depending on the current license but how does it distinguish? How does a user know which update/upgrade to buy?

The user should know which version they have. And I guess the installer make the same fundamental changes to the application regardless of the versions.

It is possible that only Elements shows up like that, since that would indicate that the license has the power to operate LE, AI, or Elements applications.

Honestly, it has been a long time, so I’m not sure if it was the desktop icon or the license that read like this, but I remember it being confusing regardless.

CD is Cubase LE6
but The icon when finish install show " Cubase LE AI Elements 6 64bit" :astonished:

and the question is what the version in steinbergshop i need it, they have
Cubase Elements 7 Upgrade from Cubase AI 6 / 7
Cubase Elements 7 Upgrade from Cubase LE 6 / 7
Cubase Elements 7 Update from Cubase Elements 6
different cost .

I’m sure I can buy Cubase Elements 7 Full version but need to know how to save the money :slight_smile:

OK. So it appears you have Cubase LE6. Just to be sure, open the E-Licenser Control Center and see what your license says. It should also say Cubase LE6.
If you can confirm that, then you should buy the upgrade from Cubase LE 6 to Cubase Elements 7