What a waste of time that was .ZZZZZZZ

Well as the title says , im surely not the only one that’s going to say NO to being forced into buying Ishite by Steinberg . Very big statement to make . I do believe you have just lost a load of customers especially if your new BABY becomes your main goal and drop Cubase ,which I can really see is going to happen .
First time in nearly 25 years ive felt like this but I think it’s time to learn a new DAW as im into instruments and not internet performances .

true but not for long , vst connect is truly a good concept for those that are interested in that approach ,don’t get me wrong but being the new child of Steinberg ,that will be getting most of the attention and IMO they will at some point end the Cubase road because of this and the internet and the Icrap combination .
Im a bit pissed off to say the least because a month or so ago Steinberg were asking for IC pro beta testers for the android system , nearly a fucking year we have been waiting for this COMING SOON app but instead of keeping sheds loads of people happy by giving them the IC we have … well my money is going else where now , I want a remote and can’t be arsed to wait for Steinberg any more on that front and in the process I may as well purchase the full studio one two and start learning a new DAW just in case .
Steinberg leave people with hardware hi and dry so what’s to stop them doing it with Cubase ? From today Cubase has now become the “sequel” to Steinberg .
I don’t normally complain about Steinberg but they need to get their priorities right .
Another audio interface ? hahahahah what the hell is that all about , no doubt that means others like the CI collection become legacy and dropped ,why break a habit ahh Steinberg !


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