What about Bonjour's lifespan and update?

Just curious, no problems, but wondering about the Apple Bonjour program. Should I regard it as a static connection tool that never needs to update or change? Every time I update my iC Pro software I check the Ski driver and see that it is updated as well. No, not with every iC Pro update, but at least twice (maybe three times?) And yet I see that Bonjour has not changed…

Also, as to the updates of the iC Pro app, I’ve noticed that there is not a mention of the potentially upgraded/altered Ski driver in the same post. This seems an oversight. I have always taken a minute and looked at Ski and Bonjour with every iC Pro update, just to check that they are current, but I wonder if everybody does?

What I would like to see - when the iC Pro app is updated - is a link to the Ski driver and even the Bonjour if they, too, have been updated. Since the developers have to be aware of any changes in the entire app environment, it seems an easy and natural thing to do. Um, if I need to say it, iC Pro is a very helpful app in my world, thanks for the latest 1.1 version! :smiley: