What about having VST Audio Connection available in the Stat

When there is no VST connection or some problem with the VST connections in a Cubase Project upon opening, I’ve noticed that Cubase will place a VST Connections toolbar inside the Status Line information above my Project for access to my VST Audio Inputs and Outputs Dialog; with orange fonts where any of the ins or outs are not configured.

I like this feature because I can access my VST Connections dialog at any time during work on my project by simply clicking on this toolbar to invoke the VST Connection Dialog box.

Although I know I can also access the VST Connection Dialog by going through the Device -> VST Connection off the menu or pressing fn + F4; the work flow process seems so much more seamless when it’s included like described above my Project.

So I am asking/suggesting that this functionality be incorporated in a future release of Cubase as either an option in the Status Line or an additional option as part of the “Setup Window Layout” options. I think its a great feature to have all the time!

Right now, you only get the toolbar when there is a detected problem or undetected VST connection although it persists to be available during the entire time you’re working within the Project; and can be toggled on or off via the Status Line option. But once you close out the Project, unless there is a detected problem on subsequent launches, you never see it again.
VST Connections toolbar.png