What about pianos in NPPE?

So far I’ve activated BBCSO Pro and Synchron Prime, but neither has a decent concert piano in its lineup. The NP piano is not great, but okay. What are you all doing for a piano in the orchestra? If I add a Synchron piano library, does it show up in the Synchron Prime instruments along with the orchestra instruments?

Add a piano as a standalone VST in your project, I use Ivory. Of course you should do that for any extras you want in the ensemble, NP is just meant for the core orchestra and what comes with the particular libraries.

I also recommend Ivory.

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Spitfire LABS has a free ‘Autograph Grand’ that’s good.

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I have a few standalone piano libraries, but I was thinking that it would be nice to have a solo piano in an orchestral library so that it would be part of the overall performance aspects applied by NPPE to a particular library.

I’m not sure which (or if) orchestral libraries include piano; I just add a vst instance of the LABS autograph grand and assign payback to it😏

I discovered that recently. I agree it is remarkably good.

I would hope NPPE to have an engine for Pianoteq. Combined with its flexibility and great response of unlimited tonal/velocity/continuous pedaling changes and features, if NPPE can “play” the score like a pianist would interpret a piece and especially the control of natural pedaling behavior and skill (without always just all the way down/up). For me that would be a long time dream come true! Not to mention Pianoteq also has great other physically modelled intruments as well.

I would love NPPE to have a support for the VSL Synchron Pianos. :slight_smile:
These pianos are a state of art product! :slight_smile: In addition I would add the Synchron Harp, too. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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I was wondering this too. I have the Synchron Prime activated, if I add a Synchron piano, does anyone know if it will automatically show up in the Synchron Prime list of instruments?

It does not. Wallander would have advertised that otherwise.

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NPPE supports Cinematic Studio Piano.


Yes, I think it’s the only piano available through NPPE. At least for now

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CinePiano from cinesamples is absolutely ok.

I got CinePiano. NP won’t make it sound. I can load it as a VST instrument in Play in D5, and it plays just fine, but for some reason, I can’t get it to work with NPPE. NPPE shows it loaded via Kontakt 7 and the midi light blinks, but it will not play the sound. Can’t figure that one out.

Do you have the latest version of Kontakt Player? My cinepiano works.

almost certainly the reason as CSS only works with the latest version of K7 (v7.3.2). Is fine here as well

Yes I do. I see the midi lights active, but no sound. Everything else in NPPE works fine.

then my next guess from the behaviour is the piano is set to the wrong channel. If you’re mixing NP with other instruments for instance, that sort of thing can quite easily happen.

For CinePiano, be sure to select the Cine Series playback engine and not the Cinematic Studio Series.