What about Quicktime, now discontinued support for PC

What is Cubase planning here? Should we sell our PCs and buy Macs? Is Steinberg planning on incorporating a Win10 video player feature or will you have us look to another video engine? Or, is it the plan to just have us continue using the last Windows friendly Quicktime player, 7.7.9? Thanks for an answer?


Peakae thank you for this. Wow, I see it’s dated April, I had no idea. :laughing:

I suspect the first we’ll see of a new video engine will be in C9 in Dec and then they will probably include it into the last C8 updates.


I posted this in the longer thread in the Lounge, but it is worth to have it in the General forum as well.

Update on the development of the new video engine:

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Thanks for posting Fabio…

Good work guys; progress being made. :wink:

This is great news! Thanks for the post, Fabio.

Timo’s post was a little vague in that regard, but are you guys baking in any hardware acceleration (Intel QuickSync, CUDA, …) or others into this thing?


And what about Cubase on MAC?
Does this mean that future versions of Cubase will have some sort of cross platform video engine or will the MAC versions still ship with the QT engine?


I’m not aware about the implementation’s details and if it will be using some sort of acceleration.

As Cubase is cross-platform, I would guess the Mac version will also include the new engine. I hope it will also solve the trouble some users have with the current engine ‘not responding’ on Mac.

Will post back if I get to know more about the details.