What About The Generic Remote?

I have 23 GRs full to the brim with commands and the like. What happens when Steinberg eventually drop the GR?. Do I have to redo my entire setup? this would take days BTW. Or will Steinberg find a way for us to import our GR xml. file into the MR? If not, I can see myself not upgrading until the very last moment. Like when they discontinue support or my version.

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That’s a great question and I don’t know.

I’m curious however, how you use so many GRs?

I have 3 GRs exclusively for Metagrid, and I’m dreading having to completely re-do them when the GR is no longer available.

I’m not even sure if it would be Steinbergs responsibility or the developers responsibility? My fear is neither, and I could be left spending many full days working out a conversion for Metagrid.

Eventually when Steinberg puts currently missing functions from the generic remote to the new midi remote, maybe they drop it, though I don’t see a real reason why to, since it just can be in a no-maintenance state (which most probably is already the case). But if they drop it, and since they’ll have all functionalities added in the new remote, the way I see the xml files involved in the generic remote, it will be almost trivial to either build a utility to translate it to the new form, or even have a remote script directly reading the old xmls and building upon them.

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Exactly. I think calling the GR Legacy is more about telling folks not to use it for new stuff, rather than a warning about its eminent demise.

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MetaGrid, automation in VEP and the MixConsole, automating multi mic sample libraries, LE , PLE.
Add solo/mute, sends and bypass to everything and it adds up pretty quickly.

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I’m still counting on the Generic Remote to do things that aren’t yet possible with the MIDI Remote. And I’m not sure yet if the MIDI Remote will ever actually fully get there.

Steinberg has a bit of a track record of leaving things somewhat unfinished and simply killing some use cases (latest example being around tempo detection).

However, the things that are currently possible to do with the MIDI Remote GUI have been a lot quicker to do (for me) than doing the same thing with the Generic Remote.

And the MIDI Remote also does some things that weren’t possible with the Generic Remote.

And I don’t recall any cases where Steinberg has offered tools to translate between entirely different tools, even when one is kind of a replacement for the other.

e.g. Hypersonic vs HALion Sonic and Groove Agent 3 vs Groove Agent 4 are a couple of transitions I experienced, that didn’t have migration tools.


No worries, even if they don’t, we’ll do :slight_smile:

This. I forgot to mention that even the MCU is considered legacy. I see no way of removing it, it would simply destroy millions of setups, that simple.

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