What about the other licenses in the eLicenser?

I thought I wouldn’t need the dongle anymore, but all my other licenses remain with it, including the Basic FX Suite Rev.2 for my Steinberg UR44c

So, is there any Steinberg position on these other and third-party products?

Cubase 12 doesn’t need the dongle any more, but if you have content licenses on your USB eLicenser, you will still need it connected for those to work.

Here’s the relevant section from New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

Yeah :tada: CB12 doesn’t need the dongle anymore. But I can’t stop wondering how you’re going to deal with all the other instruments, add-on and expansion packs that still do? Like “Zero gravity or Dark Planet or the Simon Phillips stuff”? Are you still going to need a dongle for those by the time Cubase 27 has been released or are you going to merge all these existing licenses into the new system eventually also so we can finally ditch the dongle for ‘ALL’ these licenses? So will you will make it backwards compatible? Or will it only apply for new licenses coming after B12?

About third-party applications fine, but what about the Basic FX Suite that is from Steinberg? That would be my biggest question at the moment…

What’s fine about 3rd party plugins? Is it all taken care off and how?
I sure haven’t heard anything about it?

As I’ve mentioned in other threads on this topic. Not all of our back catalogue will be transitioned to Steinberg Licensing, but we’ll do our best to provide a practical path to losing the dongle for a many of our products as we can. We’re still exploring the options for this.

I’ll close this thread now as I don’t think we need any more lists of Steinberg products that people own.