What about using the new Vocal Chain for acoustic guitar?

I wonder if it is a good idea to use Vocal Chain to set EQ, Comp, etc. for just a record of an acoustic guitar? Do you think it could be efficient enough in term of frequencies, bandwith etc. , knowing that the guitar and the mics are good ones, and they should not need huge corrections.
Thanks !

Well they are just normal tools strung together to facilitate using them on vocals. But for example there isn’t anything about the compressors that makes them more suitable for vocals than guitar. To the extent that you want to perform similar audio adjustments on a guitar (or really any audio), then go for it.

What’s special about the Vocal Chain isn’t really the included tools themselves, but rather that those tools are integrated into a common interface.

I use a wah wah pedal with a mellotron string patch to simulate modern filter sweeps.
I use guitar amps with my Vox Continental organ instrument.
And, of course, a Leslie that makes my guitar weep.
There ain’t no rules.