What Ai do you want from Steinberg?

Imagine if the strip was essentially its own built in kind of ozone that assisted with mixing options.
Like what we have with the channel presets but wayyyy beyond

Sorry if I’m busting in…

Not really AI, but along these lines…

…I’d vote for getting something like those new ‘Generative MIDI’ tools in Ableton 12 into Cubase. They look fun and playful - semi-intelligent, dynamic MIDI manipulation…

and here:-


Are you suggesting Cubase should be renamed Geribase? That would be rather debasing. :thinking: :older_man: :older_woman:

Back when transistors were invented it transformed “portable” radios from fairly heavy things the size of a lunch box into a palm sized device that could slip in a shirt pocket. So the marketers jumped all over this new tech and even though the radio circuit might only use 2 transistors they’d stick extras into it that did nothing. Then they marketed them as more is better an 8 transistor radio is obviously superior to one with only 6.

I’m eagerly awaiting my first AI based pantry item. I think it will be on a package of mac & cheese.

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I found it for you :slight_smile:


I do imagine this will exist at some point. The art and craft of mixing will unfortunately decline in the coming years. Some of that can be automated and it may be a complex enough craft that AI will be required.

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Exactly. I do some Max For Live development and so this is an exciting feature. Going back to my point, the term “generative” was never as marketable as “AI” and so I do imagine companies will call things like this “AI”. Luckily, Ableton is not.

If we want more playful features for Cubase, I can imagine room for generative tools. For example, they have some robust MIDI transformation tools which I believe are in the same spirit as generative processes.

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Looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

The art and craft for some not all. As I said. People that use these as tools instead of shortcuts will rise to the top just as they do now. Personally I think there will just be a lot more average music. A larger middle. Which is always destined to be. But Hans zimmer with his own incorporation would be dope!

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I ultimately believe bitwig will win out in the long run when it comes to pattern based daw’s
The audio editing is miles ahead
Plug-in boxes - in 6 months it’s never force quit

The piano roll needs some work. And the grid is not quite there for me yet.

But it was the most fun I’d had in a while. The sound design capabilities due to its modulation.
The sampler is a big feature for me as well.

Also the automation needs work. But overall very impressed with the team there

I genuinely respect the work done by the Bitwig team, and the vision behind it (not to mention their support for Linux!) but …

… these are just some of the reasons we geriatrics like Cubase.

When I bought my first C64, there were already articles in popular computer magazines about things such as artificial neural networks that underpin the current developments in so-called AI, so it’s by no mean new.

What has changed is the ability to integrate some of these machine-learning concepts in software that can run on home computers. The term “artificial intelligence” is, in my opinion, primarily a means for marketeers to convert natural stupidity into cash.

But don’t get me wrong … as a fan of SpectraLayers (since version 3, when it was owned by Sony), I’m absolutely thrilled that, under Steinberg’s wing, it now has such ML-based tools available, and I’m looking forward to future developments. I’m just not sure there’s any area of Cubase where I’ve stopped and thought, “if only we could add AI to this”!

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I would 100% agree. Thankyou for sharing as well :slight_smile:

Love bitwig but there’s a reason I now use cubase as my main. It’s different. I think that’s the most important thing not to forget. All these programs are amazing tools. There is no best one.

For my workflow. How cubase has changed the way I mix, cubase teaches you signal flow in the most intuitive way.

It’s super interesting hearing your perspective. I’m in my 30’s so I was around for all the black and white phones, win 95, N64 but that was a time after the beginning. SNES, handbag phones lol. It’s always interesting to hear what it’s like to observe the evolution over time.

And like you I never go around cubase and think this needs AI. But you know far more than I do. Which is why I put this out to the forum.
There is a lifetime of experience here. I’m not the person with that experience.
But if someone is. I would place a bet they are in this forum.

Thanks again.

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Not even sure it’s AI to be honest, but +1 on MediaBay finding similar samples etc. Like XO, Atlas, etc.


I would like to see a setting that would disable any AI that may be incorporated into the workspace. Make the AI as a modular component so I can disallow it from even being loaded on my workstation. The only thing I want from any “AI” is for it to fall off the face of the earth.


When ChatGPT first opened public access I tried to get it to write a pretty simple Logical Editor Preset. While it did eventually get to the correct answer, it was only because I knew the answer already and kept asking it to make corrections. Presumably it would do better today. But I think something like ChatGPT might never be able to write LE presets for two related reasons. 1) The number of examples of LE Presets out in the wild is gonna be pretty tiny compared to almost anything else. 2) Many of those existing examples are themselves incorrect. Lots of folks (ok, ok, occasionally someone) post a preset asking why it doesn’t behave as expected.

Still I think having an AI that could write presets for the LE, PLE and their like would be super useful. And while I’m skeptical that an AI trained on scavenging the net is up to the task, an AI trained by Steinberg using good examples and corrective feedback seems quite feasible.

An alternative way to ask this AI question might be - what tasks in your normal workflow would you like to hand off to an AI assistant?

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I think that horse has been out of the barn for quite awhile now.

If I spell something like thiz who do you think underlined it?


The logical editor area. Didn’t even think of this!

I just asked DALL-E to make a Circle of 5ths
Its first attempt is pretty underwhelming…

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Actually spell check is a low level string matching function. AI is a completely different animal.