What am I doing wrong re: changing note durations?

Sorry if this is basic stuff (finally having a chance to sit down and dive in), but: Don’t you select the note, then choose (on a Mac) shift-option plus left or right arrows to increase/decrease that note’s length by the grid resolution? I ask because I currently have an 8th note selected, with the grid resolution set to 8th. However, when I select the note and hit shift-option-right arrow, the note becomes first a quarter, then a half, then a whole, then two whole notes in length - not the behavior I expected?? (all the while, the grid resolution remains set at 8th note, but each time I press shift-option-right arrow, the note value in the upper left menu increases first from 8th, then to quarter, then to half, then to whole). Thanks for any newbie help -

  • rj

I think you’ll find the solution in this thread.

Anders beat me to it.

Aha! That’s it. Pretty funny that this was literally the first thing I really tried (re-assigning the key commands for rhythmic value such that “1” = whole, “2” = half, etc. as I’d done previously in Sibelius) followed by my attempt to lengthen/shorten a note, and this very first thing didn’t work as a result :slight_smile:

I’m presuming the workaround is to go back to the previous default key commands until they fix the bug…

Thanks -

  • rj

As I said in the other thread (and I’m still on holiday without a laptop and this problem doesn’t affect me) :

You could try going into Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and removing these shortcuts from whatever lengthening/shortening functions they’re assigned to and reassigning to the grid lengthen/shorten functions.