What am I doing wrong that copy\move sample window pops-up (Media Bay)?

I have no clue, I just click on sample names and this window randomly pops up? I am tired of it! Can this be disabled? I think it’s Cubase’s usability bug, this happens for ages in all versions. And I have no idea how to reproduce it on purpose. This makes me mad a lot.

bump, does anybody have the same issue? No one? Only me?

I don’t have this issue, ever.

But I do find it totally archaic that in this age of computers, you get a window asking if you want to move or copy the item, and then once you’ve chosen which, you then have to manually refresh the window to get that decision to show!!!


Mediabay needs lots of work.

The Mediabay has IMO been a disaster right from the start.

But I guess its ugly, distracting borders and non-standard Windows behavior follows the “Steinberg GUI language”.
I’d say no thanks and try to avoid using it.

The main reason I am using Media Bay is ability to type snare and it will combine all snares from over9000 directories I have. Very useful. And also I can triger a sample with a keystroke so I can listen sounds right in the mix. Useful too.

I am posting this question cuz I don’t actually understand why this pop-up appears. I don’t get it. I can not make it happen on purpose.

Have you enabled “Allow Editing In Results List” in the Media Bay settings? maybe that’s the reason for the random pop-ups.

Nope, this option disabled.