What am I doing wrong!!!!

Gday all. I am trying to make some beats using the groove agent SE 4. I load up a new instrument track, select groove agent, get the kit that is not locked and I can get a sound from, put it on a loop and I can see sound is being monitored but when I go to record there is no little MIDI dots being recorded or anything being recorded! I’m sure it is some little button I haven’t selected but I don’t know…It’s driving me nuts!

Appreciate the help

I think you can drag and drop from the pads (square buttons) ?

Thanks for looking mate.
I was under the impression that you can record realtime by playing the pads on Groove Agent or keyboards on Hal, I can’t even get the Padshop to record anything on Cubase. Like I said I press record and it looks like it is recording an event but no MIDI signatures and when I press stop, there is nothing recorded. It’s driving me nuts!


No, Groove Agent One (same as all other Virtual Instruments) don’t send the data from the virtual Pads/Keyboard to the MIDI Input. Use an external MIDI Device or Virtual MIDI Keyboard of Cubase, please.

I see. so even when it creates an instrument track after you select the virtual instrument of choice, and you can then press the little button on the track that brings up the virtual pads, that is only to adjust and edit, right? If I am away from my studio and thus my MIDI keyboard ( you will have to excuse me, I’m really new to the MIDI thing! ) I cant record anything on my laptop using the VST instruments in Cubase.

Again thanks for answering.


Yes, lets say, these virtual Pads are for “editing” only.

You can Record without a MIDI Keyboard. Use Cubase Virtual MIDI Keyboard: Devices > Virtual Keyboard (Alt+K). Then you can use your Computer Keyboard as a MIDI keyboard.

Ahhh. Thank you my good sir! I’m getting it now. The padshop and Hal work but I am not getting sound from the Groove agent, will that work like that as well?


Yes, Groove Agent works the same way (if you mean to use the Virtual Keyboard). You just have to find the right octave. Switch Octaves of your Virtual Keyboard, to find the one, please.

Thanks for the info. I got it now, made some beats ( crap ones )today using the method you mentioned and yay, it worked. Cheers! :smiley: