What am I doing wrong?

I have spent several hours trying to install 4.0.30 Application Installer, Halion SE 3.5.10 Instruments, Content Dorico 4, and after downloading each of the there is a tick in the green bar, but each one shows ‘Install again’ .

Am I missing something ? What is going wrong ?

Just open the program. It is already installed. The “install again” button is just poorly presented UI that gives you the option to reinstall if something malfunctions. Confused me the first time too.

I see the following in the SDA after successfully (!) completing the update to the latest Dorico version:

It’s true, the Download Assistant is still a work in progress that nobody at Steinberg really cares about…

Thank you Romanos, I though it was me !

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I don’t think it’s confusing at all. If there was a problem I seriously doubt you’d get a green field with a check mark. That says “all good” to me.

some people react more on images, some more on written text. I found it confusing, too.
Actually each time I am entering a glass door I have a problem to distinguish the “push” and “pull” instructions - because I tend to prefer to recognise the reversed word from the back of the glass door. The brain does not always choose the obvious, simple solution.

The problem is the green bar looks like a download indicator, not a “finished installing” indicator. So you wait and wait… and watch the progress bar, and then a button pops up prompting you to install. …but it’s already installed.

That, dear friends, breaks the mold and is confusing.

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I’ll have to watch more closely next time I use it. I seem to recall the check mark appearing when completed.

I found it confusing at first, too. Once you get used to it, though, it’s not too bad. Perhaps a better approach would be to have a green indicator that said “Installed” when the installation finishes, and a separate “Install Again” button that wasn’t green.

Thank you all of you. I did get confused with a green bar and tick then ‘install again’ .