What am I missing? (screenshots)

Ok, so I spent a while building a template, recording some quick drums, and turning knobs/tweaking channel presets a bit, and ended up with pretty decent results (I think.) So, having not touched ANY ‘device manager’ settings, ins/outs, cables, NOTHING, why did my Mono In channels 4-7 stop working? (snare bottom, toms 10, 12, 16)

My Onyx is monitoring them all just the same, beautifully. Am I not seeing something? I added new audio tracks to see if something went wrong, but they’re not even monitoring on the input (red) faders (forgive my ignorance on the terminology.) I have a hard time searching for answers when I’m still disoriented by a lot of the lingo. And for as long as I’ve been using DAWs :unamused:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

some more I made the stereo out ‘Stereooo’ because there were already two pairs of outs. ‘stereo out’, which has always been the case, and ‘stereo’. The latter was the only one that fed me sound. So i renamed it so it would stand out.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 2.47.11 AM.jpg

one more. and a kitten.

fixed itself? same way it broke itself. What a headache. Apparently I can’t direct monitor either, like I could on 6.5 All my tracks are recordoing the stereo output into the track also, and i can only monitor by pressing the ‘main mix’ buttons on the board. NOT feasible…