What am I misunderstanding about triplets?

When a note (length ‘x’) is followed by a rest (also length ‘x’) followed by another note… when just the first note is selected (or the note and rest) why is a tie created with the subsequent note?

What you are misunderstanding is that the triplets that you are inputting do not have the same rhythmic reference. If you select an 8th note and press the triplet button, your triplet will span over a quarter note. It’s a 3:2e triplet. If you select a 16th note (x in Dorico’s jargon), your triplet will last an 8th note, it’s a 3:2x triplet. If you want to apply a 3:2e to a 16th note, use the caret, tuplets popover, 3:2e, enter.

sorry… not following.

in the original post, measure 37 and 41… I have the 16th selected, and it spans a 8th as you stated. I understand that no problem.

However, in measures 38 and 42, I have the 16th selected, but I didn’t understand what it is doing… it seems to be moving the 8th back by a 16th triplet partial, and changing it’s length (e.g., instead of 1/8, it is now 1/16 + 1/24… shortened by the duration of a 32nd triplet). I didn’t select that 1/8th… so why is it being modified?

In the video below, I tried your suggestion of using the triplet popover, and entering 3:2x… but the same thing happens.

What I expect is that the selected 16 (+ the 16th rest) become a 16th note triplet (spanning the duration of an 8th), and the subsequent note is unaffected.

Rationalizing this… it seems what it seems what Dorico is doing is is from the selected note, inferring a selection of 3x that Duration, and grabbing anything it its wake… then shortening the duration of the notes (or their partials) in that expanded selection by 2/3… which was a bit unexpected.

So, I guess the new question is… in a scenario like in measure 38 and 42, where I want to fit a 16th triplet w/o affecting the 1/8th note… how would I do so?

Use the stop line, new in Dorico 4. See my post from last year for details.


Yes, Dorico grabs whatever note is right after the tuplet to make it into it. This behavior can help or does not, it really depends on the workflow and the music. In any case, it’s totally predictable, and you can alt-cmd-right that note with a 16th note grid value to correct it when needed. Or use the stop line, as Mark suggests (I move notes according to the grid with no problem…)

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Great! Thanks @MarcLarcher and @Mark_Johnson!

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