What am I not understanding about Perc. Combinations

I have a multi-flow piece which contains two percussion players. In flow 1 Percussion #2 changes back and forth from Glock to Tamborine without a hitch,…

…but in flow 2 I cannot get the Xylophone in Percussion #2 to change to the Whip; the whip just never appears.

This seems inconsistent, so I figure I am missing something. Is it because I could only find the Whip via a Kit and then removed it from the kit?

No, I doubt it. Can you attach the project here? You can delete all of the other players except the percussionist before you attach the project here, assuming that still allows you to reproduce the problem.

I have deleted all subsequent flows as well as all but the Percussion 2 part so that the file will fit here.
00_jdsFullScore180717_PercExcpt.zip (478 KB)
Thank you for looking at it.

This looks like a bug of some kind to me: the good news is that it works correctly in the current development build, so I think you’ll find this works reliably once you get the new update.

Thank you. I can wait until the next version.