What an absolute confusing disaster this new forum is

I used to visit the Steinberg/Cubase forums almost every day. Then, the transition to the awful new forum began. It is SO unclear what is going on, I’m never here anymore.

The old forum was simple and clear, but this is a mess. How on earth are the people at Steinberg supposed to see whats going on in the community, when everything is set up in such an opaque way?

Rant over.


:+1: thanks for sharing

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I’m glad I’ve given it time. I much prefer the functionality of this new forum. I was definitely a bit :face_with_raised_eyebrow: to begin with, but it’s always a bit like that with change sometimes. I think this is a move forward. I now find it easier to find and respond to things, quoting etc and love the live editing preview. Search is way better too.

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yes, plus you get an email notification in the same century as the updated thread !

But it’s less functional. The previous forum was nice and simple - a design where text was the most important element. Now, it’s a clunky mess with bad readability, and loads of wasted space.


I disagree. It’s at least equally functional.

I prefer the new way of quoting, of getting a side-by-side live preview of my posts, of copy/pasting images, of scrolling with the slider to the right (web browser), and more.

Maybe. It looks better on mobile though for me.

I really think you just have to bite the bullet and get used to doing things differently and it’ll maybe grow on you. I’m frickin’ old and managed to power through this change… so…