What appearance do I change for text contrast in KeyEd chord

On the Chords Inspector tab in the Key Editor the contrast between text and the button they are on (which are darker than other buttons) is nearly impossible to read. Changing Preferences values in Appearances - Work Area doesn’t effect it at all. However the Appearances - General settings do effect it. But every change I’ve tried only makes the contrast worse. This is especially frustrating since changes to the General setting require restarting Cubase to see the impact, so it becomes a series of guess and miss changes.

Also it seems kind of backwards in the Key Editor to have the black keys show up as light lanes and the white keys as dark lanes - duh. I’ve never been one to bash Steinberg, but with respect to readability, these new graphics were incompetently done. It’s like no one looked at or thought about it beyond a superficial “this looks cool” level.

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