What Apple Mac laptop would I need for cubase 3.5 vst?

Hi. I’ve got…cubase 3.5 vst cd-rom version from 1997. I was wondering if it would work on a on a Apple Mac Pro laptop.

to run cubase vst I need…

Apple power macintosh
Min. 6100/66 MHz/recom. 7200/90 MHz
2nd level cache required
Apple system 7.5 or higher

Obviously that’s from 1997. I would’ve thought a more powerful Mac would be able to run the cubase 3.5. Would anybody know if that would work. Or would I have to get a old apple power Macintosh. I’m clueless about this so any help would be great. Cheers…

Aloha B, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

It is not a matter of power. It is a matter of language.
It’s a long story for sure but the hi-lites are:

Apple used to use processors made by IBM.

When they changed to Intel processors,
that meant that older IBM compatible software
would no longer work.

What would be nice is if Apple would let the folks at ‘Fusion’ or ‘Parallels’
do some emulation of not only Windows but also some older Apple OS’s.

But so far no.

Good Luck!

BTW 3.5 was killer!

Hey thanks for the reply…much appreciated…although cubase 3.5 vst just been told his day’s are numbered :astonished:

Can I ask you another question?

I’m lookin to buy a second hand laptop and some music software…you got any ideas that won’t cost too much but will do the job. Cheers…

No Prob,

1-Software—>If you are very new to this game start with ‘Sequel’ then move on to Cubase Elements

2- Hardware—>From my personal experience,
if you are going to be moving around and need to count on this ax in critical situations, buy new.
Used stuff may be just fine but ‘ya take yer chances’. It is used after all.

Desktops are a different story. Refurbs work just fine.

And to be honest, PC’s are much cheaper than Mac’s.

Good Luck!

Nice one…