What are I E CS S buttons in mixer?

I have been tweaking the look of the mixer, hiding things I don’t need to see and have come across the I E CS and S buttons to the right of the mute and automation buttons in the mixer. These are not explained in the manual so far as I can see and don’t appear to be active. They can be hidden with the M S L R W and A buttons.

Can anyone tell me their purpose? Maybe I am missing some crucial piece of functionality.

Many thanks

They are another way to bypass sections of a channel.

Inserts, EQ, Channel Strip, Sends.

Aah! the project I had open was a very basic MIDI based lay up of some chords and simple arrangement, hence no EQ or sends active. Thanks for the response

Oddly, on a full production, with EQ, sends, inserts etc all active, these four buttons are still not working here, all other bypasses work as one would expect.

While searching around, I discovered that there is an unassigned key command toggling all inserts on the master bus - this was new to me and will be very useful. So, I found something useful albeit at a tangent. Thanks once again.

I guess you’re not Alt clicking?

That’s better…works a treat now. Why necessary to use Alt I wonder?

Thanks anyway,

It looks like Alt on it’s own is disabling channel linking so making it this way means you don’t bypass other channels than the selected one inadvertantly