What are Sweeps? Cubase-Attributecategory

What are Sweeps exactly? I ´ve searched for this in the internet such a long time, but didn´t found an exact answer. I can´t find the difference between Sweeps, Uplifters, and Riser in depth. Can somebody help me?

Thank you

Serious? :mrgreen:

Yes, i know more or less how it sounds like, but i want an exactly declaration, of what is a sweep, and what not. You can see or better “hear” it in the internet so much ways, but nowhere is exactly described what a Sweep is.

I don´t see the bounds to Uplifters and Risers exactly.

They all go up in pitch, over a certain period of time, some with a rithmic pattern, some without. Who cares. :slight_smile:

I do :wink: and the ones who want to get something out of these effects.