What are the best Cubase Tutorial Videos?


Just trying to find as much knowledge on Cubase as possible and wondering what the best Tutorial Videos are? Obviously I have no problem with paying for them if they are great tutorials. Sometimes the manual isn’t good enough.

Thanks for any help


The Club Cubase ones on YT are very good

Can’t go wrong with the world leaders:

And there’s a fair bit of free stuff at: http://www.musicalnotes.org.uk/

Hi Jono,

GROOVE 3 make a video set for Cubase. I think about 15 Euros to purchase.



Ask video does a good set with M Hepworth…very easy to follow, he’s a good instructor…

Excellent! Thank you. I shall check them all out!

I have just started watched the MacProVideo.com videos. Great. $25 a month and cancel anytime…