WHat are the chances ILOK?

Curious what Steinberg is thinking on this one. What are the chances that they will go to an ILOK?

I wish they would

Got to be zero considering iLok isn’t as secure. Why would they?

What are the chances of Steinberg paying thousands of dollars to switch to an inferior form of protection from a horrible, disgusting company?


… and what are the chances of them moving to a competitor to their own company for no measureable benefit? Zero, i’d imagine!

Cause I don’t dig this dongle. I forgot it when I went on a trip and I wanted to record. Basically, I was screwed.
I am trying protools out for 30 days. I have been a fan of steinberg for a long time. But, I will check out the new protools

It would be nice if I could register any USB device I have on the Steinberg site and use that USB device. That would be ideal

Blackmail? Nice move! I think Steinberg is gonna surrender.

An elicenser is not just any USB device. It has encryption.

It’d be great if they opened up the licensing so we could transfer the licence to a specific PC from the dongle, and vice versa, or even store the licence in the cloud for mobile/networked use. Then we wouldn’t need the dongle with us at all times…

But moving to iLok I think is just as bad, I’ve acquired 3 iLok dongles from buying software over the years. I now avoid buying from any manufacturer who uses iLok simply because I don’t want another dongle licence, and especially if I’m playing live say with MainStage I don’t want any dongles at all!!!


I hate both the elicenser dongle and the ilok but I get it. Wish I was able to do like Studio One with no dongle, but I get 3 computers that I can register. Or even Propellerhead has a dongle for Reason but if you don’t have your dongle plugged in, you can log into your Propellerhead account and Reason will run long as you have internet connection.

Right now I have Cubase 5 at home and Cubase 8.5 in the studio cause at one point I bought an extra licences cause I didn’t want to carry my dongle home every night in fear that I might lose it or ruin it. Haven’t been using the home studio much in past few years but now i’m getting back into producing at home so I now have to spend $249 to update Cubase 5 license to C9 when its out and another $129 maybe to update my Cubase 8.5.

Again, I get it.

ILok is, in it´s current incarnation, “secure” and has the benefit of NOT needing a dongle anymore. U can use machine authorization if the developer allows for that. I have all my soundtoys and softube stuff authorized that way and it is very convenient. Steinberg doesn´t need to change to Ilok, obviously, but they should give the option to authorize on machine basis, if desired.

“if the developer allows for that” are the operative words here. eLicencer has this option aswell! The common denominator is that it’s generally lower cost software that offer this option.

They do…if your use the Elements versions of Cubase and WaveLab. You can’t use the soft-option for the more expensive versions (Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro or WaveLab Pro). On the other hand, you can’t use iLoks soft-licence option with ProTools either.

Yes, Steinberg should allow us to register at least two computers with no dongle. Also, they should make a less clunky dongle

No sorry gents, I don’t agree. ILok has already been compromized over a year ago, both the disk authorisation and the dongle. disk authorisation is vulnerable for hacking and it would be stupid to open up Cubase to that.
I’m a Cubase user because of the dongle. I’m not interested in pirated applications as i would never pay €500 for a hacked package. Or use hacked software.
I would no longer be prepared to pay €500 for Cubase if it was hacked, neither for WL or Nuendo.
It’s perfect as it is. Steinberg should NEVER open the door to piracy. And keep pushing with maximum effort to prevent this from happening.

Also the license is a SINGLE license, so you can have concurrent use, as the dongle is guarding this. I would not like this to be watered down to installing and running multiple instances shared on multiple PC’s at the same time.
Share with your production buddy, or family. Because this is ultimately what this dicussion boils down to.

No. It boils down to the fact that in 2016 people need to have access on multiple devices. I need the full Cubase 8.5 on my laptop and my
studio PC without a draconian dongle to lose, break or be stolen. Not only are you in the minority, your rants are weird and barely coherent.

We have a difference of opinion, no need for hyperbole, disk authorization just won’t happen for the reasons mentioned above.

Steinberg owns Syncrosoft, a company responsible for eLicenser, and paid good money for it, so it has to be none.

Absolutely daaam right.


Reason why I am a happy Cubase user too. Keep it on and give us an adamantium-like indestructible dongle. Easy :open_mouth:

i prefer cubase stay on elicenser

pace is greedy with their ilok zero downtime you have to pay a subscription basically just incase something happens and that is bullshit imo