What are the copyright rules regarding music made in Cubase?


I have recently written a piece of music using Cubase 5, HALionOne and Nexus. All the ‘instruments’ in this piece are MIDI.

I have uploaded it to YouTube.

What are the rules regarding distributing music made in Cubase on the web? Do I own the full copyright on this piece, which I wrote but containes sounds that came with HALionOne and Nexus?

When I uploaded it to YouTube, I credited Cubase, HALionOne and Nexus for being used in writing this piece.

But let’s say I want to distribute this piece online, or maybe let other people online download it, listen to it or use it in their own projects (movies, etc). And let’s say I want to sell this piece on a CD or online, in a legal way.

What are the rules regarding doing such things? I don’t want to violate any copyright law by mistake, so help would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: [and my appologize if this was posted in the wrong forum. Wasn’t sure where to post it].
Aviv, Israel

P.S. - I am not allowed to post in ‘Made In Cubase’ forum for some reason. How do I fix this?

You have full rights to the song fortunately. What would you say if you bought a guitar and had to pay the manufacturer royalties for every recording sold :wink:

Just like sample libraries, you’re free to use them in your tracks if you want. You just have to be careful when you sample material from other tracks.